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Nice writeup on the Cannonball Riders Profile page for #29 Ryan Allen.

Ryan Allen with Morticia

Another nice writeup on #70 Kirk MacGillivray.

Kirk Macgillivray and Ryan Allen with Pandora

Below you will find the day to day videos that we will put together. The videos are a slice of the experience of the Run. It is the moments that make up a great relationship and we try to find those. Because we are telling a story they are not the shortest of videos but that's not what we are after. We are after the delicious moments, the giggles, and you can only find those by chance and with time.
When the race is over we will put it all together for you in a movie of the 2014 Cannonball Motorcycle Race with our buddies Ryan and Kirk.

This schedule to the right is not an official schedule. The official schedule is on the Cannonball Motorcycle Race site, Click here to see it.

Cannonball motorcycle Run schedule

14.09.03 Done this Rodeo Before

Daytona Beach! Yea! We’re here! After a year of prep, a year of restore, a year of effort it all comes down to this. This is the first day with official events. Registration, inspection of bikes, etc. A lot of guys in the parking lot or what is called the gypsy camp. We take a quick look around, listen in on some conversations, meet some of the guys on the Run. John Parham from the Motorcycle museum, Darryl Richman and Brent Hanson. Of course our guys from Reservation Racing talking with Lonnie Isam Jr. We listen in on some talk with Lonnie and Jerry Wieland and Randy Aron. Funny stuff. And finish up with Dan Kraft talking about “the Hook”. If I misspelled any names I’m sure to hear about it :-)
Movie is 6min 30sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.04 What's it like?

The day begins at the Daytona Beach Resort Hotel. The Gypsy Camp stirs and sounds of the engines begin to cough to life. All over the lot groups of sleep eyed dudes are wrenching their bikes. As with yesterday there will be another practice run. But… there will be another treat. For those who wish to partake, there is a ride of lifetime to be had. The famous Daytona International Speedway will let the bikes take a tour around its famous track. So… what’s like to to race in front of the the stands and around the asphalt where racers lean their bikes into one hundred and forty mile an hour turnsS Here’s a quick look.
Movie is 7min 16 sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.05 Day 1 Thundering Herd

Wow! What a start! Everyone had to line up for an 8:30 picture. Everyone gathered on the beach but sand being what it is the kickstands started sinking into the sand and slowly falling over. Ryan’s bike got clipped and severed his radio mic. There’s a spare but that will have to wait until later. After the fun photo shoot it was time to get ’em on the road. Sand? Try hauling your machine through 100 yards of sand thats already been torn up by the guys in front of you. But when they hit the asphalt the bikes just leaped down the road except the unfortunate few who got waylaid by the local gendarmes. Then there was the freedom of the road and the misery of failing machines. And finally, with ominous black clouds reaching up into the sky they stretched off into the distance.
Movie is 3min 55sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.09 Day 5 Ol Man River

Unbelievable! That is what we thought when we rolled into the town center of Cape Girardeau.They closed off Spanish Street, put up huge speakers and welcomed us with fabulous hospitality. When we roll into town there is always a festive air like when the circus used to come to small towns. And Cape Girardeau joined right in. Crowds gaped at the display of these beautiful pre 1936 machines, Restaurants and Taverns were spruced up with their festive finery and great staffs. The town sits right on the Mississippi River and it is proud of its heritage. The Cannonball has its own stories, of course and one of these stories is about Buck Carson. Certainly one of the most popular riders, he ran into a bit of trouble yesterday. Young and tough as he is, he was a bit sad as his ride was interrupted. He will get the bike running again you can bet on that. Some of the other guests today are Thomas Trapp, David Lloyd, Paul Holdsworth, Vinnie Grasser, and Jessica Lauritson.
So Enjoy.
Movie today is long but you tell the story as it is. If its too long there a lot of shorter videos. It is 9min 33sec. Click here to watch it.
So Enjoy.

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14.09.10 Day 6 Carnage Record!

If you are into old westerns there is a classic you might know named Bad Day at Black Rock. Well today was it. At the start it was cold and rainy. Again. And it was going to be the longest ride of the Cannonball. Kirk and Ryan were ready. They had five days of perfect scores and topped the charts at #’s 15 and 17. There seemed to no reason for this day to be any different. It was. Kirk was a hundred miles out when Pandora was done. It was kinda scary. He was going fast when his motor seized up and he skidded down the road. Another hour and half, Ryan was done. His trouble wasn’t so serious. Wet Mag. He could fix it and be on the road again tomorrow but his perfect score was over. After the day the toll of bikes on the sweep truck was an all time record. Fifteen bikes were on the truck. Bill Wood has a good article from the truck. Quite a story. Buck Carson talks about Kelly Modlin and another scary wet Mag story and others guests are Vicki Sanfelipo, Scott Byrd, Brent Mafield and Steve DeCosa.
The movie is 6min 33sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.11 Day 7 Day After

Ryan was able to get his bike back out onto the road the next morning. He wasn’t too happy without his wingman but Kirk’s bike needed to have the engine replaced. With the rest day coming up and again cold and wet Ryan took off. Later we catch up to him as he and Kirk begin the process of taking the engine out of Ally, the parts bike, and putting it into Pandora. They could do that and take a penalty hit of two hundred points. If they had just swapped out the bikes that would have meant disqualification. Finally, late in the evening Scott Byrd, the other dentist on the Cannonball stopped by for a few laughs. Work to be done, the Cannonball to be rode, laughs to be had. Oh, did we tell you about the snake?
4min 7sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.13 Day 9 Morning Madness

For whatever reason You Tube plays this video strangely. Click on the far right button in the menu bar below the video to see the video full screen :-)

Every morning it is the same. It is like the circus opening up its tent. A new day. The night before every biker has been tweaking the machine, every morning dawns with a new hope for the day, new stories ready to be told. You see it and one day it hits you how much this morning madness is compelling, addictive in the words of Robb Priske. People come out to see just this morning energy where the bikers are revving their motors, shaking hands, and wishing luck. There is drama, too. The desperate measures some are trying to deploy to get their bikes running before the cut off time. The time when the sweep trucks leave the house and the game is afoot or abike…
5min 34sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.14 Day 10 The Switcheroo

After easily cruising home the night before the SHTF right before race time. Ryan’s bike who other than getting wet, which an old girl doesn’t like, Morticia threw a hissy fit. More to the point 84 year old bakelite material crumbled in the Mag. Of course Ryan had no idea what it was so gave it a herculean effort to get it started to no avail. Thus Kirk was to be on his own for the first time in the race. He did good. As Ryan says, he brought home one for the Res. The Cannonball requires on certain stops that the bikes be parked and on display. This is a great idea for the crowds who have gathered by the thousands in some cases to see the vintage bikes. It is a little tough on the Cannonballers who have to ride all day long and then snooze for a couple of hours. But yesterday was exceptional. This time we stopped at David Uhl’s art studio. He is famous for his vintage bike paintings. The party was just fabulous, the food was great and the welcome was superb. Thanks David!
The boys worked late again last night and the bikes are ready for tomorrow! The great climb over the Rockies!
Movie is 6min 36sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.15 Day 11 About the Ride

Yesterday the Cannonball was from Golden Colorado to Grand Junction, Colorado. It took us up and over the Rockies and we stopped in Leadville, Colorado. What a cool mountain town.
I was going to name this video Lone Wolf, in honor of Mike Carson. But he’s so shy so I thought better of it.
Yes, the video has glitches. No time for great post processing. When you are getting video from the back of a bike its almost unwatchable so watch it without any BS because its all about the Ride, man. I can hear Dennis Hopper now.
This is for the riders and those who love them. It is about the freedom and beauty of the Ride.
The music is from Warrior from Andy Caldwell. Its from Ryan Allen’s favorites collection. Bought and paid for from iTunes. And it ain’t being monitized.
The movie is 7min 17sec. Click here to watch it.

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14.09.16 Day 12 Great Host

The ride from Grand Junction CO to Springville, UT had some spectacular scenery. At the end of the ride the Legends Motorcycle Museum put on a great feast, music, and a tour of Legends Motorcycle Museum by Rick Salisbury and his wonderful daughter Jen. We’ve been hosted by some wonderful folks but Rick put on a show for us that will be hard to beat. Scott Jacobs, a highly successful Motorcycle artist puts in an appearance. Buck Carson and Paul Ousey get get haircuts in the old time barber shop that is right in the Museum. There is now a reason that every biker has to go to Springville UT.
The movie is 7min 56sec. Click here to watch it.

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